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The projects are listed in chronological order, most recent first. Each project description includes the start and end dates, the effort (in man-months) and the technologies used. Clients include AST Technologies Labs Inc., ATRA Vision Inc., Microtronix Systems Ltd., Listen Inc., and The National Centre for Audiology.

SIP Packet Size Signalling Development
Dec 2010 (0.10 m/m)
Windows 7, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, SIP, SDP
Added capability for ptime value transmission in SIP call answer phase.

SIPXecs Remote User Management and Presence Signalling System Development
Jul 2010 - Nov 2010 (1.50 m/m)
Windows 7, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, SIP, SIMPLE, SOAP, XML, HTTP, SIPXecs
Tested OPAL SOAP implementation against SIPx configuration server; analysed and repaired handling of HTTP packets with malformed chunk encoding, added capability to OPAL for authenticated SOAP access. Designed and coded C++ object API for remote control of all SIPXecs configuration parameters, including XML conversion. Developed new SIP client application for testing. Added to it capabilities for user registration and subscription to message waiting events from the server. Added capability for subscription and transmission of presence events (registration and dialog) of known users. Tested against remote SIPx server. Code also tested by client on iPhone.

Acoustic Echo Canceller Testing and Adjustment
Jul 2010 - Aug 2010 (0.25 m/m)
Windows 7/XP, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, Microsoft DirectSound and multimedia audio
Designed method and implemented program to test effectiveness of acoustic echo canceller software (Speex AEC). Measured effectiveness using various parameters and employing DirectSound and multmedia API's. Provided parameter recommendations. Developed new, more responsive DirectSound interface code for OPAL.

Automatic Results Storage System Design & Development Automatic Storage Configuration
Jun 2010 - Jul 2010 (0.50 m/m)
Windows 7/Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, COM, ATL, WTL
Revised the client's source code to automatically name and store files that previously had to be named and stored by operator action. Added a new configuration dialog, menu items and settings persistence. Added feature licensing mechanism. Placed file save triggering at correct points in the program's execution.

H.323 Call Redirection Analysis
May 2010 (0.125 m/m)
Windows 7, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, H.323, FreeSwitch
From decode of Wireshark packets and open-source code analysis, designed a modification to extract the redirecting number from a message field and supply it to the call control engine.

VoIP Stack Source Code Upgrade Integration
Jul 2009 - Apr 2010 (2.75 m/m)
Windows 7/Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, SIP, H.323, RTP, COM, ATL, WTL
Revised SIP and H.323 applications using OPAL 2.3 to OPAL 3.6 to improve specification conformance. Revised all statically linked codecs to plugins and implemented new plugins for 8 G.729 variants, G.722.1, G.722.2 (AMR-WB). Cooperated with open-source developers on implementation of SDP encoding and decoding for selection of codec variants and packet sizing. Added COM and registry commands for new configuration parameters.

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