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The projects are listed in chronological order, most recent first. Each project description includes the start and end dates, the effort (in man-months) and the technologies used. Clients include AST Technologies Labs Inc., ATRA Vision Inc., Microtronix Systems Ltd., Listen Inc., and The National Centre for Audiology.

Script Interpreter Revision
Dec 2009 (0.125 m/m)
Windows 7/XP, VS 9.0, VS 6.0, C++
Modified client's source code, adding support for new features to configuration script executive and improving parser robustness.

UI Behaviour Debugging and Improvements
Nov 2009 (0.75 m/m)
Windows 7/XP, VS 9.0, VS 6.0, C++, proprietary device
Reproduced client's build and run-time environments, analysed UI behaviour and client's source code for cause of slowness and freezing problems. Replaced slow lists with higher performance version. Replaced in-line code with messaging system and idle handler to solve freezing problems without resorting to multithreading.

SIP Registration and Call Failure Analysis
Oct 2009 - Nov 2009 (0.50 m/m)
Windows Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, SIP
Investigated inability of client's OPAL softphone to connect call through remote proxy to proprietary softphone (interopability problem). Resolved by open-source call control code modification.

RTP Audio Stream Synchronization System Design & Development
Aug 2009 - Sept 2009 (0.75 m/m)
Windows Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, SIP, RTP/RTCP, wxWindows
Developed an algorithm to synchronize multiple streams of audio coming in and going out RTP connections of previously developed multistream VoIP softphone. (Since the multiple streams all came from the same phone, they needed to be synchronized to eliminate echo effects) Implementation involved refactoring the audio mixer classes provided by OPAL so they could be adapted for use in the synchronized multistream architecture.

Remote Control Over Network System Design & Development
Jun 2009 - Jul 2009 (1.0 m/m)
Windows Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, COM, ATL, WTL, TCP/IP, WinSock, C#, VB
Remote Control Toolbar Developed a system to enable new programs to control an existing application by sending messages over the LAN. Added TCP/IP server, toolbar control, and keyboard and mouse lockout mechanism to existing application. Implemented server as separate thread to run parallel and allow normal operation of existing application. Developed C# TCP/IP client assembly as API for client's customers to integrate into their new programs. Implemented as separate thread to run parallel, with event delegates to activate customer's software. Wrote programmer's reference describing API and demonstration program in VB.

Video Rendering Algorithm Performance Analysis Render Test
Jul 2009 (0.375 m/m)
Windows Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, GDI, DirectX, OpenGL
Developed several programs implementing various video stream rendering methods and measuring their frame rates to find the fastest method.

Multistream Softphone Design & Development
Apr 2009 - Aug 2009 (0.625 m/m)
Windows Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, SIP, wxWindows
Developed a SIP softphone that automatically calls a configurable list of associated endpoints when placing an outgoing call, automatically answers calls from those associated endpoints and automatically releases all associated calls when the main call is hung up. The software distributes outgoing audio to all of the associated endpoints and mixes incoming audio from all streams. Developed an algorithm for associating the calls, a new window for configuring the call associations and code for storing and loading all this information when the program shuts down and restarts.

Audio Stream Dropout Analysis
Apr 2009 (0.125 m/m)
Windows Vista/XP, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, VoIP RTP, DirectSound
Analyzed RTP jitter buffer and audio playback code and provided revision suggestions to reduce audio dropouts.

Timetable Editor Railroad Timetable Editor Design & Development
Jan 2009 – Jun 2009 (3.0 m/m)
Windows Vista, VS 9.0, C# (.NET 2.0, Windows Forms), SQL, Access, Excel, ReportViewer
Developed an editor to handle train composition, timetable and special orders for the SignalSoft Post-T series of railroad simulators:
• Plug-in system to provide resources for several different simulator layouts.
• Custom bar chart as presentation and input control with handling for hover, click, drag, resize and scaling (This is used as an interactive track occupation chart for modification of when and upon which tracks trains will stop at stations). Timetable Order Editor
• Unique custom input and presentation control for arrangement of cars in train.
• Custom drop-down list and hour-of-the-day controls for use in data grid.
• Linkage logic and rdlc for presentation and printing of timetable using ReportViewer.
All train, timetable and order data resides in an Access database, handled with OleDb and SQL. Resource data is input from Excel and CSV.

Wizard page 2 Text and Image Storage System Design & Development
Oct 2008 – Jan 2009 (1.75 m/m)
Windows Vista, VS 9.0, C++, COM, ATL, WTL, Wise Installer
Developed a COM component for automatic generation of line graph images with configurable sizes and appearances from system-generated data and for their permanent storage in selectable formats. Developed a COM component for retrieval and permanent storage of text data with automatic selection of input sources based on data generation options of system. Developed a wizard UI within a COM component for configuration and testing of storage and image format options with an automatic folder and file naming algorithm based on data being stored. Modified the controller of an existing data generation system to present UI controls for activating the new storage components.

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