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The projects are listed in chronological order, most recent first. Each project description includes the start and end dates, the effort (in man-months) and the technologies used. Clients include AST Technologies Labs Inc., ATRA Vision Inc., Microtronix Systems Ltd., Listen Inc., and The National Centre for Audiology.

Software Licensing Addition
Dec 2008 (0.125 m/m)
Windows XP, VS 8.0, .NET 3.5, C#, WPF, XAML
Added simple run count-based software license management with password protection and encrypted storage to paintball target shooting booth game previously developed by Nimajin.

Data Stream Viewer Data Stream Viewer Revisions
Nov 2008 – Dec 2008 (0.125 m/m)
Windows Vista, VS 9.0, C++, ATL, WTL, GDI
Enhanced data visualization capability of WireShark- or DebugView-like tool previously developed by Nimajin.

Improvement of DirectSound Audio Handling in OPAL
Sep 2008 – Oct 2008 (0.5 m/m)
Windows Vista, VS 9.0, C++, OPAL, SIP, H.323, wxWindows, DirectSound
Revised OPAL open-source VoIP framework DirectSound audio play and record to simplify access and reduce transfer latency to 10 ms.

Latency Test Tool VoIP Jitter Research
Apr 2008 – Sep 2008 (0.875 m/m)
Windows Vista, VS 9.0, C++, ATL, WTL, WinPCap, DirectSound
Developed a tool to measure (with an accuracy of better than 4 ms) the processing time between the audio device and network interfaces of any VoIP softphone.

Port of MonoSLAM Visual Object Tracking System
MonoSLAM Jul 2008 – Aug 2008 (0.5 m/m)
Windows Vista, VS 9.0, C++, OpenGL, Oxford computer vision library, ATL, WTL, DirectShow
Ported the open-source MonoSLAM visual object tracking system from Linux to Windows using WTL UI and DirectShow video capture.

Programmable Report System Infrastructure Design
Feb 2008 – Aug 2008 (1.00 m/m)
Windows XP, VS 8.0, C++, COM, ATL, Word, Excel
Analyzed existing system data output and designed retrofit COM components to convert and store data and images for use by programmable report generator application.

Update of Audio Streaming Classes to Handle USB Device Removal and Arrival
Apr 2008 (0.25 m/m)
Windows Vista, VS 9.0, C++, ATL, Windows SDK & DDK, Bluetooth, Microsoft multimedia audio & DirectSound
Added device removal and arrival message handling and state machine to automatically reconnect audio streams to transient USB devices.

Update of Audio Streaming Classes for Vista Core Audio APIs
Mar 2008 – Apr 2008 (0.25 m/m)
Windows Vista, Windows Core Audio APIs, VS 9.0, C++, ATL, WTL, Windows SDK & DDK
Revised the audio device enumeration system to use the new Microsoft Core Audio API’s to find the required endpoints on Windows Vista.

VoIP Test System Architecture
Nimajin Software – proposal, Oct 2007 – Feb 2008 (0.5 m/m)
Designed a protocol-independent method for accessing VoIP media streams for testing purposes.

API Documentation
Jan 2008 (0.25 m/m)
Technical writing (Word), Windows XP, VS 8.0, C++, COM
Reviewed source code and created detailed programming-reference documentation for existing COM objects.

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